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55DSL Presents The Nature of Things

by Archives March 23, 2005

First 55DSL created a unique clothing line. Now in its 10th year, based in Switzerland, 55DSL is an independent business with stores in New York, London, Milan and even Japan. They are known for art events, such as this year’s ad campaign Homemade by Robots (555dsl.com). They also have a global tour, called 2 Steps Back, passing though Toronto next week.

Their clothing is known because it is specifically designed for young, fashion-minded people who are interested in action sports, but who are focused on urban culture and an active lifestyle as well.

Now, 55DSL has created another unique art show. On Thursday March 24, they will present The Nature of Things at The NEST.

Five well-known Montreal artists will play on 55DSL’s concept and demonstrate, though different mediums, how conflicting ideas work together.

55DSL’s new SS/05 collection is focused on Industry and Nature. These two elements have inspired the collection and its graphics.

Natural fabrics such as linen, cotton and hemp, are a main feature of the collection. On some pants and denim jackets, you’ll find green ‘grass stains’ on backside and knees, exactly on the points where clothes get stained when you sit on the grass.

Also featured is the “industrial wash” treatment, applied to represent the hard work of industrial labourers. Oil, tar and paint spots are intended to make the clothes appear “dirty”, with rips and worn effects to represent manual work in industry — constraint in opposition to freedom of nature.

Expect to see the works of urban artist Other, print artist Adam Foley, photographer Paul 107, graffiti artist/ painter Labrona, and Sixtoo, a musician and visual artist originally from Halifax showing a collection of print work. All the works will explore the nature / industry conflicting theme.

Christina Krcevinac, 55DSL’s marketing manager for Canada, said the team has been planning this show since January. Krcevinac thinks the event will be beneficial for those who attend.

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