CD Review

Slow fade or: How I learned to question infinity
(Smallman Records)

After a three year absence Edmonton, Ab.’s Choke is back stronger than ever with their sixth album off Winnipeg label Smallman Records, entitled Slow Fade or: How I learned to question infinity. Recorded in Vancouver last fall with Blair Calibaba (Gob, Propagandhi) and Paul Forgues (Slayer, Nine Inch Nails, Treble Charger), the band has created a solid and refreshing piece of work.

The guys of Choke are definitely not stuck mid-’90s. They have been able to stay relevant to the music scene with their innovative style of music. The reason behind their success might be that they never really embarked on any passing trend in the music biz. The band stays true to its punk roots on this record but sound more polished and less frantic. Each of the 12 songs on Slow Fade is connected together to create one coherent piece of music, something the band had never done before.

Album highlights include the uptempo “Breathing won’t come easy” and “Static remains”. Also interesting is the two-and-a-half minute instrumental interlude, appropriately entitled “Interlude”, in the middle of the record.

In this day and age where punk bands all look and sound the same, Choke is able stand out. So much bad music has come out in the name of punk in the last couple of years. Thankfully there are still some good bands left out there. Slow Fade is proof the Canadian quartet has no intention of slowing down anytime soon. Choke is one of those bands that just keep getting better every time they put out a new record.


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