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Korean horror flick will leave you creeped out for days

by Archives March 9, 2005

Grade: A+

The first thing that needs to be said about A Tale of Two Sisters is that it is one of the creepiest movies ever made. Loosely based on a Korean folk tale, the movie tells the story of sisters Soo-Mi (Su-jeong Lim) and Soo-Yean (Geun-young Mun).

The duo return home after having been in a mental institution (for reasons unknown to the viewer until later on in the film) for an extended period of time. The two are not thrilled about the idea because they despise their stepmother Eun-Joo (Juang-ah Yum). They are convinced she is determined to make their lives miserable. They feel as though they have to compete with her to win the affection of their father (altough it is obvious he loves his wife and his daughters equally). Moreover, the sisters still haven’t gotten over their mother’s death.

Shortly after they return, mysterious things begin to happen. They hear and see several things they cannot explain. Soo-Mi and Soo-Yean are convinced their stepmother is behind the strange occurrences. However, they are not aware that she begins to see strange things as well.

The family’s house sets a great atmosphere for the movie. It is quite beautiful and is decorated very tastefully. However, it is very dark and dreary at the same time. You get the feeling that something isn’t right in the house as soon as you see it.

The best part of this movie is the twist. It is very unpredictable. You will never see it coming. It may seem a little confusing at first, but everything explains itself before the movie ends.

The acting in this movie is absolutely superb as well. The two young actresses that play the sisters are terrific. However, it is definitely the stepmother that steals the show. She is one creepy character, but you really feel bad for her at the same time because she knows she will never replace the girls’ mother.

Korean director Kim-Jee woon does an incredible job at creating a truly scary movie without subjecting the audience to an overabundance of blood and gore.

The director definitely manages to create a grade-A horror flick. This movie is so scary, you will think about it for days after you’ve seen it (I’m still checking under my bed for ghosts). Some scenes will give you the chills (literally) and will leave you with tears in your eyes. If you can’t handle horror movies, you should definitely not go see this film (if you do decide to go, get ready to cover your eyes). On the other hand, if you’re a fan of horror movies, don’t miss this one because it’s amazing.

Don’t miss your chance to see A Tale of Two Sisters. It opens at Cinema du Parc Friday.

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