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Separatist rappers spread oral love

by Archives March 30, 2005

Possibly the last album an anglo-Quebecer would purchase, Loco Locass’ new LP, Amour Oral, is a surprisingly tight rap release that is only magnified in coolness with its rabid anti-Canadian leanings. Okay, leanings may be too lenient a word, but rest assured these guys don’t like Canada, and they like the current provincial Liberal government even less.

My question to most Concordia hip-hop fans is this, “why do you like American gangsta rap so much?” Odds are if you go to Concordia you not only don’t live in the ghetto, but you probably have no idea where to find one either. Let me be the first to inform you your infatuation with 50 Cent and his band of merry protog

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