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by Archives March 23, 2005

The group of Concordia fans sitting behind the basket at the other end of the court probably didn’t notice when Ben Sormonte practically fell into the arms of assistant coach Ernie Rosa with tears streaming down his face. Neither would they be able to catch a glimpse of Pat Perrotte sitting with his face buried in his hands.

However, from the other end of court, one couldn’t help but gaze on as Philippe Langlois, standing as stoically as possible on the edge of the baseline, having already played his final minutes as a Concordia Stinger, maintained his composure even though there was no questioning the loss hurt him more than anyone else.

Although being presented with a silver medal wasn’t the end that Phil or anyone else had envisioned, for the better part of three days they not only played like champions but they looked the part. There were moments, not just on the court, where the Stingers showed they would never be satisfied with a second place finish.

Not once did any one of the players show an ounce of overconfidence or arrogance as they pushed their way towards the championship final, they didn’t have any reason to. It’s likely we would have had to go back in the record books to find the last team as small as Concordia that won a National title. Never has there been a second-seeded team that has been looked upon as such heavy underdogs.

There’s not enough room here for me to write even half of what I’d like to say about this team, so I’ll save it for another day when I can.

But for now, if those are the last varsity games that I’ll see as a student at Concordia, all I can say to those guys is thanks. I would encourage you to do the same, they did our school proud.

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