Visualizing a career in the arts

It’s safe to say that visual art in this belle ville is not on short supply. With artists coming out of the woodwork for Art Matters this week, the same could be said about our school grounds. So what does this all mean for aspiring visual artists trying to find their own niche?

Concordia painting and drawing student Jeremie Julien cites the struggle for individuality as a concern, but says there are ways to emerge as an artist in your own right.

Although many visual art world outsiders might assume talent assures success, Julien attributes much to art school education, where feedback can further career prospects.

“The most important part of going to University in painting and drawing, or any studio classes, is to talk about your art.You can look at [students] work and discuss it with them and they can look at yours and discuss it with you,” she asserts, before adding pensively: “Those moments are when you really grow.”

Many think of artists as isolated loners, but Julien insists her work benefits from the social time school affords.

“Doing the art on your own…it’ll always be the same.” But, she adds, “Once you have a process or a piece and you show it to people – if you’re the type of person that shows their work in progress – you can then discuss and change avenues and the piece may be completely different .”

The 23-year-old also has a plan in case a career as a painter is not in the cards.

“I want to study art history, and I would really enjoy having a gallery in the future. A gallery would also be a good backup plan, to [have] a money-making business if my art doesn’t do it for me.”

At the Off Color vernissage last week, sponsored by the Con U Painting and Drawing Association that Julien herself is a member of, I caught up Julian while she was answering questions about her own painting on display.

She says the shows will prove to be useful in gaining contacts if she decides to become a gallery owner. “The good thing about being at school right now with other artists, and being a part of the [painting and drawing] association is that I will know and meet people that will be on the market.”

Coordinating these shows also boosts the resum


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