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By Archives September 14, 2005

Abandon Your Friends
From Autumn To Ashes

They’re not a hardcore band, they’re not an emo band nor are they a punk band. From Autumn To Ashes’ sound has always been hard to describe for it transcends several musical genres. The band’s latest release entitled Abandon Your Friends is no different.

They go from hardcore influenced songs to more melodic ballads. Sometimes you wonder if you are even listening to the same band. Interesting guitar riffs, melodies and the singer’s ability to both scream and sing is what really makes this record stand out.

The Long Island, New York five-piece has been able to create something original which will keep you on the edge of your seat as you listen. Their third release shows that the band is in no way slowing down.

Protest The Hero
(Underground Operations)

Make sure you remember this name: Protest The Hero. There’s a lot of buzz currently surrounding this young band from Whitby Ontario. Their debut record entitled Kezia came out in late August and has caught many by surprise. The five-piece has done a lot of maturing since their first EP which came out back in 2003.

With the help of Julius Butty, Protest The Hero have created a record that will hit you like a ton of bricks. Their lyrics are clever and well thought out and their music is intricate and original. This metal/punk record is fast paced and very energetic.

Though sometimes a bit chaotic, everything always ends up falling into place. Interesting guitar riffs and the singer’s powerful voice sets them apart from others in the music industry. Definitely impressive for a group of 19-year-olds.


Good effort for this Long Island four-piece. Their new self-titled record shows growth in the band’s sound. But, the band still has some work to do. After listening to a couple of their songs, I noticed that they really sound alike.

The band does try to mix it up a bit throwing in a few slower songs, but those are definitely my least favorite on the whole record.

And though I don’t particularly like the singer’s voice because it tends to be whiney at times, it still differs from what most singers sound like.

That said, Bayside provides its listeners with some catchy beats and melodies, that will surely stay in their heads for a long time after they’ve turned off the tunes.

Tommy Lee
TommyLand The Ride

Are Tommy Lee’s rocker days finally over? Apparently so, judging by his new record.

His new record starts off with acoustic guitar, something which caught me by surprise right away. Was I really listening to Tommy Lee? What happened to the good old days when he used to rock? The first song sounds like something Ryan Cabrerra or some pop artist would sing. Songs like “Trying To Be Me” and “Watch You Lose” are a little more rock, but still nothing like it used to be. Ok, so it’s an evolution, it’s a new Tommy, but is it really him? Has he really softened this much? I find that hard to believe when just a few months ago he was still touring with M