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Catching up with the Woo

by Archives October 5, 2005

Catching up with rock band Tricky Woo’s lead singer, Andrew Dickens, was quite the interesting experience. After a four year hiatus, the band has decided to get the ball rolling again. They have just released their fifth record, First Blush, and are now on tour promoting it.

Andrew was able to give some inside scoop on how the tour is going, what we can expect at the show that is coming soon to Montreal, what the guys in the band are doing on their down time, and what they think about the explosion of the Montreal indie music scene.

Jumping back into the studio, on the bus and onto the road is exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time for any band. But after a four year break? It all started back up after some casual jamming and progressed from there. When a good thing is a good thing, nothing can seem to stop it. Touring across Canada was the first step for Tricky Woo. There is major commitment and passion coming from this band, and a lot can be said for their actions. The tour is going well and the band is very happy to be back together and rocking out hard. The boys said that they are happy to tour again with friends of theirs, as they are big supporters of other local musicians.

As far as the down time is concerned, between the hectic travelling schedule, interviews and playing shows, it includes the occasional taped episode of Oprah, as it is normally on during their soundcheck. After a hard few hours of playing, Dickens claims to “return and watch the taped copies while the rest of the boys get crazy and wild and do insane things.” Note that this should probably be taken with a large grain of salt. And if the band is taking that much down time after the performances, they must give one hell of a show.

Mentioning the Montreal scene sparked quite the interest in Dickens.

He said that they were very happy to see bands like Arcade Fire doing so well, even they aren’t quite in the same genre. Regardless of that, they have taken a Montr

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