“I’m just about to head into Wal-Mart”, said Jay Aust, guitarist for With Honor, as he prepared for another interview. Busy as he is, Aust was still enthusiastic to answer questions about the new album and his feelings on the current trends of hardcore music. He also prepared us for what fans can expect on Halloween with their latest release My Revenge, after just playing in Montreal six months ago with Bane and Comeback Kid.

Growing up, the band’s influences varied in style, from Minor Threat to NOFX to Face To Face. “We all went to shows in the hardcore scene,” Jay remembered. “That’s where we identified the most.”

Forming just a few years ago in 2002, With Honor have already made their mark on the hardcore scene. Aust confessed that the “coolest thing” is being able to tour with almost every band he looks up to. The result? “Seeing these bands, you get a lot of new ideas,” he said.

When asked about the increasing popularity of hardcore, Jay didn’t hesitate a second to say that it is not a bad thing. “I’d rather see an average kid listening to a hardcore band than a mainstream band that doesn’t have a message. That’s what hardcore stands for,” he said. Hardcore has seen its share of styles throughout the years, but its not just talk about clothing and rock and roll. Aust wants the audience to grasp on to what the music is about and realizing who you are through the music.

Recently, PETA got a chance to get the band’s views on animal rights. Jay himself has been vegetarian for nearly ten years. Vocalist Todd Mackey was the last to turn vegetarian about two years ago. “We just kind of beat him up and made him become vegetarian!” laughed Aust. Earlier this year, With Honor joined up with Stretch Armstrong and H20 for the “Hardcore Against Fur” tour supported by PETA.

Being a band that has had countless opportunities to tour nationwide through out

Canada and the United States: There have got to be differences among the fans, right? When asked about the difference between the East and West Coast crowds, Jay replied, “There are no circle pits on the East Coast! Maybe, I don’t know, people are more relaxed outside the East Coast,” he said. Regardless, they’re still playing packed venues nearly every night of the tour.

So what’s to be expected on Halloween? “We’re going be playing more new material. It’s been a long time since we’ve had new songs to play,” he said.

Aust is confident that the new material is the band’s strongest yet, although he is prepared that some fans may disagree. “This one time someone said we sound like Sum 41 but I’ve never even heard one of their songs!” said the guitarist.

With Honor performs October 31st with Walls Of Jericho, Modern Life Is War & The Banner at El Salon, $12 in advance.

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