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Cinema that spans the globe

by Archives October 12, 2005

Montreal’s first film festival is still going strong this year with its 34th edition. From October 13 to October 23, Montreal’s Festival of New Cinema will be offering us the world’s best movies of the year .

Concentrating mostly on exploring new territories, the festival distinguishes itself by introducing new works from filmmakers from across the map. One hundred and ninety films from 38 different countries will introduce you to new trends in the industry. Twenty movies are listed in the competition for the “Louve d’Or” which rewards the best first or second attempt from a director.

“We do not concentrate on world premieres; there is no red carpet,” said Don Lobel, one of the programmers for the festival. For many years, the festival has prided itself in giving Montreal a chance to get intimate with cinema.

“It’s all about the public, what the public wants to see and the relationship between the people behind the movies and those in front, watching,” he said.

The festival is divided in different sections. Those who enjoy contemporary cinema will be served: Countries like Belgium, Portugal and Russia are well represented. France, Canada and the States also have a good showing with movies by renowned directors like Alain Cavalier, Robert Morin and George Clooney. Iran also has a special place. The section “Temps 0” concentrates on evolving cinema and the most radical and daring productions. Most of these movies will be shown at Concordia’s DeS

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