Concordia to host charity concert in Katrina’s wake

A benefit concert for the victims of Hurricane Katrina will take place Friday October 7 at Reggie’s Pub.

The concert, sponsored by Habitat for Humanity, was initially scheduled for a date in mid-September. However, the event had to be pushed back after the pub and organizer Kenny Hedges couldn’t agree on a specific date.

“They had initially booked us for a Saturday show, but I know that the pub is busier on Friday nights,” Hedges said.

Now with a finalized date, the concert will be headlined by six local bands and artists: Dissonants, Pancea, Beaver, Eric Hanson, Tabula Rosa, and Clockwise Stereo.

“I decided to hold a concert because music was born in New Orleans,” said the third-year journalism student. “Even the legendary Fats Domino went missing for a few days after the hurricane.”

Hedges, who lived in the U.S.A. for 13 years, admitted that he was not qualified and had never done anything remotely close to the benefit before. Nevertheless, after seeing the mistakes made by the U.S. government during the first few weeks, he felt obligated to help.

According to Hedges, much of the concert’s credit goes to Habitat for Humanity who has been “fantastic.”

Habitat volunteer and Events Co-ordinator, Meaghan Johnstone, said affordable housing is the central part of the association’s mandate.

“We want people to recognize that this issue is long-term,” said the third-year communications student. “Because of the hurricane, there are a lot of people who’ve been left homeless and most can’t afford to pick up and move somewhere else.”

The organization backs up Hedges idea because it is an issue that directly concerns their fight for affordable housing.

“Through the concert, we want to educate people and make them understand that this is not just media sensationalism but a real issue where people are at a disadvantage,” Johnstone said.

Organizers are also trying to have a slideshow display ready for the concert. The slideshow would show pictures of the hurricane’s aftermath, but Hedges said that it has not yet been confirmed.

Posters and flyers for the show will be distributed later this week, and organizers are asking for a $5 suggested donation. The Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity will split funds raised by the concert.

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