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by Archives October 12, 2005

Unleashed (Unrated)
[Action. 13+. 102 mins.]

Jet Li
Morgan Freeman

A man raised as a dog finds a new life when he befriends a blind piano teacher. After he has a taste of freedom, he will fight once recaptured by his former master. For once, Jet Li shows his acting is much more than just kicks and punches in this somewhat different role that will nevertheless please his fans.

Bonus features include behind the scenes featurette, interviews and music videos.

Kingdom of Heaven
[Action. 13+. 144 mins.]

Orlando Bloom
Liam Neeson

A Medieval Frenchman with nothing to lose must find redemption in fulfilling his destiny as a knight in order to save his people in a heroic fight.

This epic tale blends Gladiator-esque fights and Lord of the Rings scenery with Orlando Bloom taking his first leading blockbuster role.

Bonus features include many featurettes, production notes, and trailers.

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