Self-described punk rockers take stage with veterans next month

Paul Ramirez is honest. Eschewing clich

Paul Ramirez is honest. Eschewing clich

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DVD Releases

Star Wars III Science-Fiction. G. 140 mins. Hayden Christensen Ewan McGregor George Lucas's saga comes to an end, as Anakin Skywalker puts in jeopardy his marriage and friendship with Obi-Wan Kenobi to conclude his journey towards the Dark Side of the Force.


I close my eyes to see the truth that is in me. I am not the flesh but something more, my body, a container, holding water of my true right. The real cosmos to explore is the space that lies between us. Vitality of one's hearth vanquishing those with none is a truth I seek to hold.

Old Soul

I stare up at the bright afternoon sky and before I know it I am propelling myself through the air. I soar above the trees, houses and cars, all of the things that remind me of this mortal coil. I can feel myself accelerate as I push through the blanket of clouds.

Native Montrealer reveals secrets to a successful life

In her book, Fernandes shares the six steps that helped change her life and can change your life too. After each step, she shares the "life lessons" she has learned in her journey to success. Visualize dreams, set goals, stay focused, move forward, and live every moment with passion. these are just a few of the important steps to follow.