They want your blood, and they’re not afraid to beg

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Last Thursday H

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City in brief Nov. 8

Striking McGill support staff pickets at Loyola The McGill University Non-Academic Certified Association formed a picket line outside of Concordia’s PERFORM Centre on Sherbrooke Street last Friday. Handing out informational pamphlets with an image of McGill principal Heather Munroe-Blum on them, MUNACA was at Loyola the same day as the inauguration of the university’s PERFORM and Genomics centres. In an interview, MUNACA’s VP finance David Kalant said that the workers’ union chose to protest at Loyola because they had heard that politicians would be attending the PERFORM Centre’s inauguration. Kalant said the workers’ union also came out to support Concordia’s trades union, which held a one-day strike on Sept. 7.

Council Chair Resigns

CSU council chair Jessica Nudo has resigned. A staff member of Canada's largest student lobby group has taken on her duties until a replacement is found. While Nudo officially resigned on Monday, her resignation was only announced nine minutes before the beginning of Wednesday's council meeting.