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Chicken Little

by Archives November 9, 2005

Grade: C

Last weekend, Disney topped the box-office with its first computer-generated animated feature produced without the help of Pixar.

Chicken Little is… well, he is little. A year ago, he raised a ruckus in his hometown by claiming the sky was falling. Pushed aside and labelled as mentally challenged and seeking attention, our little hero is still trying to shed this image.

Once he finally does, he seems to be falling into his old antics again, as a similar incident occurs. Now helped with his loyal friends, he will try and prove that the sky really is falling!

From there on, what was a cute kid movie turns into a hardcore science-fiction flick, with three-eyed aliens out to annihilate the planet, somewhat reminiscent of last summer’s War of the Worlds.

Sure, our little chick is cute, and cuddly… but is he fun?

Zach Braff lends his voice to thefeathered hero, and he does so with a childish enthusiasm that works some magic in key moments. Joan Cusack is also cute and funny as Abby Mallard, a.k.a. the Ugly Duckling, is also funny, but Steve Zahn turns Runt of the Litter into one of the most obnoxious animated characters ever.

Chicken Little gets audiences rooting for the underdog, teaching toddlers that even the smallest ones can amount to great things. But in spite of its crusade against prejudice, the movie ends up being tangled in the very prejudices he seems to stand up against. From categorizing every character into the popular and unpopular categories, to Chicken Little’s sidekicks, a.k.a. the Ugly Duckling and the sexually questionable overweight pig, the movie does nothing but nourish those prejudices by using every clich

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