Club Aria to deny access after stabbing

A case of mistaken identity is blamed in the stabbing death of a man in the early hours of Sunday, October 23. While attending Aria, an after hours club on Saint Denis St, Raymond Ellis, a 25-year-old Dawson college graduate, was approached by 10 to 15 people wearing T-shirts with a photo of their friend who had been killed on September 24 at a pool hall in Cartierville.

The Gazette reported that the police believe that a member of the group thought that Ellis had taken part in or witnessed the slaying. Ellis was stabbed and later, died in hospital.

The club where the incident took place initially denied that the stabbing had occurred, stating that Ellis was severely beaten but still alive and that he was part of a rival gang. It was later discovered that Ellis had no gang affiliation. The spokesperson for the club could not be reached for comment.

Aria has issued a statement that effective this Friday, “…the entrance of all black people and people dressed hip-hop will be refused…” The club’s statements have triggered anger throughout many of the club’s, now former, clients.

25 people were arrested in connection with the murder but were later released because the police lacked enough evidence to lay charges.

A memorial service for Ellis was held on Monday October 31.

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