DVD Releases

Star Wars III

Science-Fiction. G. 140 mins.
Hayden Christensen
Ewan McGregor

George Lucas’s saga comes to an end, as Anakin Skywalker puts in jeopardy his marriage and friendship with Obi-Wan Kenobi to conclude his journey towards the Dark Side of the Force. Witness the thrilling film that sets the scene for the original Star Wars movies.

Bonus features include deleted scenes, commentaries, and behind-the-scenes featurette.

Perfect Man

Comedy. G. 101 mins.
Heather Locklear
Hilary Duff

In a desperate attempt to boost her single mother’s self esteem, a teenage girl creates a virtual secret admirer. As in every single Hilary Duff movie, expect the teen starlet to fall in and out of love in less time than it takes for a regular teenage girl to pop a zit.

Bonus features include deleted scenes, outtakes, and commentaries.


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