Finland five-piece rock the Metropolis

Finland’s HIM (His Infernal Majesty) gave Montreal their fix of Love Metal at Metropolis last Monday night, playing alongside Finch and Skindred. They stood looking out over the floor of Metropolis, packed wall to wall with adoring fans singing along to every song. Lead singer Ville Valo perched on the edge of the stage with a beer in one hand, mic in the other, a cigarette hanging out of the corner of his mouth curled in a smugly charming smile. Barely needing to bring the microphone to his lips as the crowd filled in the lyrics to the guitar and keyboards’ melded melody. What a scene it all made.

HIM (His Infernal Majesty) has been active in Europe for the past ten years, but only this past September did the band release an album to North America. Due to the major influence of skateboarder/tv-filmmaker Bam Margera, HIM was well known and loved in the U.S. before they made their touring debut last year.

The bands logo, the “Heartagram” has been sported everywhere from clothing & belt buckles to the bodies of many devoted fans. The symbol, a combination of a heart and the pentagram represents the juxtaposition of love and hate/anger or life and death.

HIM’s popularity in North America has surprised the band. There were vast differences between the audiences that were an interesting and enjoyable change. “In places like Germany we were more like a gothic band. The crowd here seems to be more young and enthusiastic; you know, doing all the crazy stuff, like crowd surfing.we never got that in Europe,” said Bassist Mig

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