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From First To Last return to their favourite Canadian city

by Archives November 30, 2005

Tomorrow, American group From First to Last bring the second part of their Dead by Dawn tour to El Salon.

It’s been about a year since the boys from the pop/punk/screamo outfit have played Montreal, and they certainly miss touring Canada, as lead singer Sonny Moore revealed. “We love it, [and] Montreal has always been my favourite every time I’ve been there.”

Playing our city often seems to be quite a remarkable experience for many non-Canadians, not only due to its cultural diversity, famous nightlife and open-minded population, but also because of the dynamics between our political and linguistic affairs.

“It’s just like another world, it feels like I’m in the movies and I stop at some other planet and I go into some weird place and I eat weird food. Everybody’s so nice there, I love the fact that a lot of people can’t speak English [because that] makes it really interesting and kind of a challenge,” Moore says.

While the other members of From First to Last, who are guitarist/vocalist Matt Good, guitarist Travis Richter and drummer Derek Bloom, are all in their early 20s, Moore is the youngest, being only 17 years old. Regardless of his young age, Moore’s been travelling independently for quite some time and says that it hasn’t really been that hard for him to pick up and leave his town for a little while. He does admit though, that when it comes to having their music taken seriously, the age range of their members does have its pros and cons.

“There have been disadvantages ; like you get the idea that some people only like you or are only interested because of your age. But I guess there are some advantages too, like you might get a little bit more credit. But, you know, I don’t really think about [those things],” he said.

Instead, the band is focused on touring and working on their second, as-yet-untitled album. Although their first record, Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Bodycount, might not have been “the best representation of what we are at all,” Moore said, but the experience of working with producer Ross Robinson on the follow up is a “dream come true.”

Although bassist Jon Weisburg recently dropped out of the band, From First to Last already have temporary replacements lined up. “Wes Borland played all the bass on our record, he’s an amazing amazing musician regardless of what everyone thinks about Limp Bizkit,” says Moore.

Rehearsals now in full swing, Moore says friend and bass player Alicia Simmons will be going on the road with them. “I’m in Los Angeles, but everybody is practicing right now in Georgia and I actually talked to Travis today and he said she’s doing awesome,” says the singer.

As for an eventual permanent bassist, Moore says, “We haven’t decided on an actual replacement yet, we’re undecided about that.”

Four days before the Dead By Dawn Part II Tour begins its official run, Moore speaks about opening acts Haste the Day, He is Legend and Dead Reckless with warmth and affection. “They’re all good friends of ours, Dead Reckless [have been] great buddies of our forever. He is Legend is amazing, man. I’m not too into a lot of bands that are coming out right now but I love that band so much,” he said.

As for their own set, Moore tells us that we can definitely expect a few surprises come Thursday. “Before the show, I’ll have to scope out the setting of the stage. [So] you’ll have to see, it’s pretty spontaneous. We don’t have anything planned [but] there’s always going to be something fun,” concludes Moore.

From First to Last play El Salon Thursday, December 1 at 7pm with Haste the Day, He is Legend and Dead Reckless. Tickets are $13.00.

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