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by Archives November 23, 2005


There is a proposal that is currently under consideration by the John Molson School of Business Administration and Faculty. The proposal is to increase the average class size across the core of the undergraduate business classes (COMM Courses), and to decrease the number of sections offered during the fall, winter, and summer semesters.

It is important to note that this proposal is still under heavy consideration by the Dean’s office, the department Chairs, and the entire JMSB Faculty. No official decisions have been made, no documentation has been written up, and available information on the issue is very limited. Since this proposal concerns, and would strongly affect, all the present and future JSMB undergraduate students, it is imperative that we include our input in the discussions.

Clarification and accurate details on what exactly the proposal entails were unavailable from the Dean’s office at this time. However, to ensure that our concerns are contemplated on time when decisions are made, it is crucial that we consolidate all our opinions for immediate review.

The information I currently have is as follows:

The classes affected would be the undergraduate core commerce courses

Not specialization courses nor courses related to majors

It would include some or all of the core courses

The change could be implemented as early as next semester

Classes would consist of larger lectures and separate tutorials or conferences with a Teaching Assistant

Consequently, the change would result in fewer sections available each semester

Fewer sections could mean an increased number of schedule conflicts with work commitments and other classes

The current average class size is 57.16 students

The proposed average class size is 150 students in all the core classes and 300 in COMM 210

The most pertinent reason why the administration is considering this proposal is that it is projected to cut costs by about $1 Million. Cost cutting tactics are needed at this time to resolve the JMSB’s recently acquired deficit of over $2 Million.

As your only elected JMSB Student Representative at the Concordia University Senate, I am devoted to relaying all your opinions to those concerned. I will be at a meeting on Thursday, November 24th, where the Dean will be discussing this issue with some JMSB Faculty. Additionally, I will be meeting alone with the Dean on November 29th to get more information and clarification on the proposal as well as to share with him the feedback I receive from the JMSB Undergraduate Community.

What I ask of everyone is to fill out a feedback form available at GM 218-2, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, so that I will know your opinions and be able to accurately represent your views at these meetings. I strongly urge each and every one of you to get informed, express your views, talk to your friends and fellow students, raise awareness about the issue, and actively take control of your education and the future worth of your diploma.

Rob Daoud
JMSB Student Representative
Concordia University Senate

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