Saw II

Grade: A

Last year, Saw pushed back the boundaries of cruelty, thereby becoming a steppingstone for a genre that seemed to be going nowhere. Reinventing horror with a powerful, yet disturbing psychological twist, the movie still has audiences mesmerized. Most where shocked, some were appalled, but horror fans were left cheering. Their cry has not gone unheard, as Lions Gates Films replied with a stunning sequel, just in time for Halloween.

“Oh yes; there will be blood…” With such promising premises, hopes could not help but rise. Saw 2 delivers what horror fans have been expecting for years; a sequel that lives up to its expectations.

The original Saw had one psychopathic killer trapping his victims in elaborate settings, puzzles, always offering them the chance of survival – but at a cost – earning him the nickname Jigsaw. Stalking the morally weak, those who are unworthy of the life they possess, he teaches them the true value of life. The entire movie revolved around two men trapped in an oversized bathroom, clueless to the reason they were held captive.

Now, Saw 2 takes the concept to a whole new level. Eight strangers are trapped in a house, and, unbeknownst to them, there is a connection that binds them together. They are forced to play a twisted mind game in order to survive. All will ultimately be confronted with one fateful question: How much blood would you shed to stay alive?

Although it is somewhat of a variation on a one theme, Saw 2 is a logical sequel. Jigsaw is back and he is more creative than ever. Trapped in a race against the clock that could very well culminate in a bloodbath, the eight strangers try to escape before it is too late. Faithful to the first instalment, self-mutilation and extremely graphic cruelty are to be expected.

Former New Kid On The Block Donnie Wahlberg leads a cast of relatively unknown actors, playing the part of a policeman whose wits are put to the test in order to save his estranged son from Jigsaw’s sick game. Tobin Bell returns as cold-blooded killer who, ironically enough, has never killed someone…at least directly. The acting is nothing more than average, but the storyline makes up for what could be considered to be the movie’s only weakness.

The inventive traps and more than graphic gory sequences will have even the bravest squinting and squirming, desperately trying to hold their lunch down.

Different from most horror movies, Saw 2 is one that will make you think, even long after the credits start rolling. You might even find yourself wondering; how much blood would YOU shed to stay alive?


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