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There’s no slowing down for Senses Fail

by Archives November 2, 2005

They yell, they sing, they run around on stage and throw themselves into the crowd; they’re the New Jersey five-piece, Senses Fail. Even with only one record under their belts, they’ve become one of the biggest names in the current screamo and punk movement.

Their debut Let It Unfold You was released just over a year ago but their ascension has been very impressive. From the Taste Of Chaos to Warped and now to a headlining North American tour, these five young guys are warriors of the road.

Recently their guitarist Dave Miller left the band, but contrary to what people might believe, it has not stopped Senses Fail from continuing to rock out every night. “Things happen with bands, a lot of bands have member changes at certain points,” said Senses Fail’s bassist Mike Glita.

The band is now touring with Midtown’s guitarist and say things couldn’t be going any better. “We are just lucky enough to have found somebody awesome like him to help us fill in, at least for the time being, and keep things rolling. I think we are just as solid if not better than we were before,” added Glita.

The fans seem to have reacted well to this change; Glita claims that they haven’t really heard any negative feedback from the fans so far.

Senses Fail will be re-releasing their first record on November 1st with three acoustic songs, footage of three live songs and one brand new song entitled “American Death”, which their fans seem to be loving. “That was a demo we did when we had a day off,” said Glita. “It was one of the first newer songs that we had written. We have about 15 and I’d say that every song has a pretty different vibe from the next song.”

The band plans on finishing up writing new material early next year to be able to enter the studio in springtime and have a new release out by next summer or early fall. And if their new album sounds anything like the first single, Senses Fail are definitely done their ascention.

For more information on Senses Fail go to www.sensesfail.com

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