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Ghosts: True Tales of Eerie Encounters

by Archives December 7, 2005

Forget about what movies such as Poltergeist, The Entity, and The Amityville Horror have taught you about ghosts and unholy apparitions. Although these all claim to be based on actual events, none of them have as much merit as Ghosts: True Tales of Eerie Encounters, a book filled with first- and second-hand accounts of visitors from another reality. The introduction will teach you more tabout eerie phenomenon and apparitions than anything you have ever read or heard. Through the chapters, you’ll lose your balance, puzzled and trying to understand the motivations that make some spirits manifest their presence to the living.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not is not exactly an issue when reading Ghosts. However, once you flip the last page of this book, there isn’t much of a chance that you will be left sceptical about the existence of spirits.

Through eyewitness accounts, Ghosts documents manifestations of the dead to the living in Canada. From haunted houses to spirits and poltergeists, this book has something for all kinds of ghost lovers. Never trying to force the reader to believe, Belyk convinces the reader in a much more subtle, yet powerful, way; with facts.

Focusing on occurrences in British Columbia, Ghosts provides scientific explanations but lets anecdotes speak for themselves when it comes to the stories. Without trying to come up with a clear explanation, a subtle, doubt hovers over the stories for the non-believers. However, for believers, this book will provide them with sleepless nights of avid reading, as they devour each and every one of the pages.

As much as for believers, non-believers, and those who don’t know what to believe, Ghosts is an interesting and mind-opening read that will trigger questions and discussions. Written in a clear and simple manner, it is the perfect introduction for newbies, and will delight even the most avid readers.

From hotels to cemeteries, and kids to grown-ups, each of the stories compiled in this book will strike the reader with its spooky realism and detailed accounting of events. Each tale is as realistic as it is unexplainable.

Fascinated with Canadian culture and what forges it, Robert C. Belyk vividly captures the reader with his sense of storytelling. The structure makes Ghosts an easy, enjoyable read and at times, a truly chilling experience.

Ghosts: True Tales of Eerie Encounters
By Robert C. Belyk.
B.C. History/ Paranormal, 192 pages

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