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Concordia, man your battlestations. On Friday, one of the most important regular season games of the year will be taking place at Concordia gym when the 5-2 Laval Rouge et Or men’s basketball team faces off against the 5-2 Stingers. There is so much at stake for both teams as a win would mean they would be tied for first place with the Bishop’s Gaiters (6-2) atop the QSSF conference, while a loss means they would be in third place one and a half games out. The first time these two teams met this season, Laval beat Concordia 83-76 in Quebec City. If you aren’t fortunate enough to make it out to Loyola for the game this Friday at 6 p.m. the game will be webcast on the Stingers website ( This game is one of the most crucial in the QSSF this season heading into the playoffs, and I’m sure both teams would want a home-court playoff game when the QSSF quarterfinals begin.

Right after the men’s game, the women’s basketball team looks for their first win of the season against second-place Laval, so stick around and see if the Lady Bees can pull off the upset.

My predecessor in this position, Justin Way, dubbed Laval the evil empire, and I would have to agree. Laval is always good enough to be a threat and has been a thorn in Concordia’s side in every sport they play in until the men’s basketball team punched their ticket to Halifax in a thrilling QSSF championship game last year. Laval’s teams in soccer, football, basketball and rugby are always challenging Concordia and the basketball teams need all the support you can give them Friday night. Cheer loud, cheer hard and hopefully the teams will ride the home crowd to a huge victory. I wish I was going to be in Montreal to see it.

Tough weekend on the ice

Man, what a horrible weekend for the Concordia hockey games, eh? The men’s team had to deal with tragedy and injuries in their losses to McGill and UQTR, two games where they expected to do well coming off of their European trip. They travel to Ottawa this Sunday after another game at McGill. Speaking of McGill, who is going to beat them? They seem to do just enough every game they play.

The women’s team, ranked number three in Canada going into their game against Ottawa, dropped the game 2-0 in a pretty dismal effort.They dropped in the rankings to fifth getting passed by St. F.X. and the Martlets. I am very much looking forward to the QSSF playoffs in this division and am hopeful for another classic three-game series between McGill and Concordia, two teams which always put on a good show regardless the time of year or venue.

The Stingers women’s team are now on their way to play three Atlantic Canada teams and it will be a good test to see where the team is.

I know I’ve gone down this road before but there needs to be more people showing up at Concordia’s hockey games. The attendance for both the men’s and women’s games were simply not good enough. There were fewer than 100 fans for the women’s game, and the men’s game had the Ed Meagher arena not even half full. I know that sports games aren’t the most important thing in a student’s life but I feel attendance at these games is a good barometer of school spirit, and there seems to be some issues in that area. And the players feel the affects of it. It is a lot easier playing with an actual home advantage than just friends and family cheering them on.

Show up to a game, it’s cheaper than a movie and definitely cheaper than alternative sporting events, and you’ll enjoy it. I guarantee that.

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