Mile End Records releases homegrown talent

The Montreal music scene is quickly becoming an international source for amazing new talent and an individual sound that is recognized internationally. Entrepreneur Patrick Dream is releasing a very unique compilation of internationally known Montreal artists, including the producer/artist himself.

Born in India, Dream moved to Canada at the age of four and settled in Montreal in 1994. He has been a DJ his whole life and well known for throwing electronic and house parties. Recently joining up with a few artists for this compilation and selling his old label, Bombay Records, Patrick is facing new projects and tackling the music industry from every angle.

“I sold Bombay Records about eight months ago and sort of wanted to move out on my own as a producer and an artist in my own right. As Bombay being a bigger label with a lot of catalogue, I just ended up working all day on label stuff. I also got a tasty little offer, so I decided to take the money and run and start being a bit more of an artist myself,” said Dream.

So what’s next? Patrick Dream is not a man to sit and wait. He took this opportunity to run with his love for the Montreal scene and the unique Montreal music styling of various electronic artists and create something new, yet again. With some help and collaboration with some colleagues, Mile End Records was born.

“I met up with Mike and our other partner Kirk Coleman and Brandon Walsh. Us four sort of got together and hatched the whole Mile End idea just to focus, to take this district, Mile End, as a microcosm of the city. It’s a pretty crazy collection of the people and cultures out here. You have a huge Hasidic community right next to an almost as big indie rock community; that’s basically the deal with the new label. The four of us, I don’t have to be the army of one anymore,” said Dream, with sense of relief heard in his voice.

Dream is doing his part, as well as performing, this time around. The mix CD to be released with Mile End is called Chez Nous and the release party is on February the 11. Dream himself will the there as a DJ, among other various artists on the album. The live show is expected to have great and diverse electronic music and some DJ’s that will ” do their thing and rock the house,” according to Dream. High expectations are to be held from the man ready to tackle the industry from every angle.

“I like the fact that I wake up in the morning super early and I’m doing both label activities and studio activities, I feel like I’m working out both sides of my brain.”

Dream is constantly thinking and going for something new with his

music and his career. “Electronic music is what it is, it’s very fringe music so it’s hard to make it worth your while if all you are doing is spinning records in a club all the time, or doodling around in a studio all the time, but if you combine that with label tasks and playing and all that other good stuff, you get to a point where you can be financially self sufficient while doing all that other music stuff.”

Dream’s formula for success is trying to do a little bit of everything, to understand why people, artists, promoters and managers are asking the questions they are. All of it has made him a successful and talented man, due to his yearning and passion for music and the further knowledge behind it all.

Mile End Records’ compilation Chez Nous is to be released on February 11, 2006 at Soci

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