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Cancer Bats are fighting the good fight all in the name of music

by Archives February 1, 2006

The Cancer Bats may not have a full-length CD out yet, but that has not stopped this incredible metal/southern rock band from taking on the world one step at a time. The next step, after total domination, is recording the long awaited full-length, with a new member joining the band from a far away land, also known as Winnipeg. Non-stop touring and endless writing makes it hard to believe this band is just getting started.

The hometown for most of the band is Toronto, with a newly recruited member that arrived on special delivery.

“Our drummer is one of my best friends,” said Liam Cromier, lead singer. “The new drummer is Mike Peters, originally from Winnipeg. He’s played in a bunch of bands and we knew him, when we started writing songs, we realized we needed a new drummer.”

The change was indeed a positive one, as Mike was very prompt about packing his things and making the quick move to Toronto three weeks later. The band has been motivated by the change and writing began to take a strong front seat on the practice vehicle.

As the band began teaching Mike the songs, the motivation of a new drummer got Liam and guitarist Scott Middleton writing more new material. “We wanted to take this band to a new level and we didn’t feel like his playing was up to speed,” Cormier said.

The new drummer dropped out of school to make the move to be in this fast rising band, going in the spirit and fashion the Cancer Bats truly stand for. “Honestly I think he rejuvenated the whole band. I think we are at a whole new level at this point. All the songs are different in a good way. Its like now we are doing what we really wanted to do to start,” Cormier said.

Three out of four of the members are straight edge, which gives a new meaning to the phrase “party hard”. It’s go hard or get out 100% of the time. Always full of energy and striving for more with every performance, this band will never disappoint their audience.

Touring is something the band is serious about. They are always playing shows in their hometown, and have a fan base that trails around most of Canada. The tour that they embarked on the day of this interview is starting with a show in Toronto, heading out towards the east coast, meeting us here in Montreal and finishing up again in Toronto.

“It’s not like we are standing around, drinking water and tuning; we try to keep the energy up the whole time, so it’s a rad show,” said Cromier. He was very enthusiastic in talking about how Mike has given the band this new energy for their live performance.

Europe is on the list of future plans for the Bats. But first, an album to record! The change in drummer was a set back and an asset at the same time. The album was set to be recorded around Christmas time, and was pushed back until after this tour. It hasn’t set the band back in terms of touring or getting the southern rock/metal sound out there, yet the fans must be getting anxious to have the band in their hands to keep forever on CD.

With Mike on board, the band is ready to go. The shows are in place, the fans are ready and waiting and the album is becoming highly anticipated. This hard working, fun-loving band is coming to own the stage.

They are playing Montreal on February 3rd at Caf

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