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Failure to Launch

by Archives March 8, 2006

No one can blame Hollywood for using the same recipe over and over again. It sells. The romantic comedy is, above all else, their favourite best-seller. It is an easy PG-13, which means every teenage girl gets to see it, and every woman wants to see it (read: drags her boyfriend out to see it).

However, the result is better than expected this time around. Not only would Matthew McConaughey’s body make any woman drool but his mama’s boy good looks could make them want to adopt the poor thing. That being said, America’s sexiest man of the year (People Magazine said so!) does play a role in the movie: he doesn’t just stand there and look pretty.

In Failure to Launch, McConaughey plays Tripp, an extreme-sports adept, sexy cook, sensitive and handsome good mama’s boy (how surprising!) who can’t leave the family home. Desperate, his parents turn to Paula (Sarah Jessica Parker) and pay her to fake a relationship that is supposed to help him build enough self-confidence to make him want to get a life of his own. Needless to say, boy meets girl. and I don’t want to spoil the ending.

The fact that the movie wasn’t so bad isn’t due to the acting. There is basically no chemistry between McConaughey and Parker and it doesn’t require a lot of skills to cry out clich

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