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by Archives March 15, 2006

Two important articles appeared in the Concordian (March 8, 2006) that have significant implications for all Canadians concerned about the political process and political developments. The first concerns the past federal election. The most important part of the analysis was done during the question period that was omitted in the article. The most important reason the Liberals lost was due to the RCMP disclosure of an investigation during the election, which was unprecedented in Canadian federal electoral history and probably illegal. There should be an immediate investigation into RCMP political interference.

The second article was about the leader of the Parti Quebecois and his disingenuous and illogical comments. For a politician whose main game is political power to tell an audience he is not there to gain votes, is so absurd as to not warrant further commentary. Far more important is his total dishonesty in claiming Quebec would be better of economically without the rest of Canada. Only when Quebec gives more to the Federal Treasury than it gets back from the federal government can that claim be made. His failure to mention the illegal manner in which the Parti Quebecois disenfranchised so many English-speaking voters during the referendum is not surprising. What remains vital is that the dishonesty and illogical claims of the Parti Quebecois be exposed and that more importantly they philosophically be challenged on why it is that different cultures cannot live together in Canada and mutually enrich and benefit each other as they have since Confederation.

David S. Rovins

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