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We’re mocking the system not the students: ICUPTV

by Archives March 22, 2006

If you’re a bear in search of an education, then ICUPTV is the party for you. That’s because allowing bears to enroll at Concordia is a key issue in their platform. However, if you’re a member of the CSU, you’d better watch out because the other main promise of ICUPTV is the absorption of the CSU into CUTV.

Yes, they are running a real campaign, parallel to the four other slates, but ICUPTV, a party with mock ideas, values and answers to serious questions is also running mock candidates, such as VP Minister of Silly Walks and a loveable mascot, TV McFuzzy.

When questioned on the party’s legitimacy, Misha Warbanski suggested that ICUPTV’s (pronounced I-see-you-pee TV) brand of “electoral theatrics” might actually increase voter turnout rather than frustrate and confuse students. They are hoping ICUPTV will “reach out to an electorate that is largely disconnected from campus life.”

The party has expressed they feel as deserving of media attention as any other of the four slates running. They’ve adhered to all the procedures including collecting
the required 50 signatures needed
for the nomination.

And just like other slates, they’re doing it with your money, though the team said their bill is only $5.78.

“We did purchase our own push-pins for postering,” VP Blow Up Your TV hopeful Misha Warbanski said. “We found that we didn’t need them as there were many thousand pins and rolls of tape strewn about the floor in the wake of last week’s riotously unsustainable postering frenzy.”

Warbanski noted that ICUPTV’s campaign is nowhere near as wasteful as some of the other slates running who tend to go heavy on the paper.

The team denies circulating rumours that they will be pulling out of the race at the last minute, but Warbanski said that if they did, “it shouldn’t be viewed with disdain.”
“With or without us, people will still spoil ballots and express their dissatisfaction with the electoral process in their own way,” Warbanski said.

For more information on the CSU elections visit www.elections.csu.qc.ca.

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