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Milan metal moguls shred through Montreal

by Archives April 12, 2006


The Milan metal sextet Lacuna Coil might have opened for Rob Zombie in Montreal last week, but it was evident that they are not second-class act.

The band was in town on the eve of the release of their fourth full-length, entitled Karmacode. The band played a 45-minute set which included some of their older hits, such as “Heaven’s a Lie,” and songs off of their new release such as their latest single, “The Truth.” The band’s two vocalists, Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro create an interesting dynamic onstage, one which fans seem to really appreciate. As usual, their set was tight and filled with intensity.

In addition to performing, the band had planned a special listening session following their set for fans to get a glimpse of their newest full-length.

Lacuna Coil’s guitarist Cristiano Migliore said having a listening party is the best way to receive direct feedback from the fans. “Having the people that have been supporting you all these years listen to it and tell you what they think of what you did is the best. We are proud of our new album and we hope everyone will be left with a good impression,” he said.

Karmacode is the band’s first album in four years. Their last effort Comalies, received a lot of international success and was a breakthrough for the band. However, its success is also what delayed Karmacode’s release. “We had a lot of ideas already after we finished recording Comalies, but because of its success, we couldn’t really stop touring to work on these. We knew that we had all these great things but we couldn’t finish them, so it was a bit frustrating,” said Migliore.

The band says that Karmacode is their heaviest release to date and says it is in part due to all of the touring they did. “We did Ozzfest with Slipknot, Lamb Of God and a lot of metalcore bands. Even though you might not do it intentionally, being around this style of music does affect the way you write stuff,” explained Migliore.

“There’s still the Lacuna Coil trademark, but with a modern touch,” added the band’s second guitarist Marco ‘Maus’ Biazzi.

People in the industry have been speculating that Karmacode will help the band breakthrough into the mainstream, something which the band said is totally unintentional. “I don’t really know what to think of it. We hoped that maybe we would be famous one day ,but this is really surreal for us,” said Migliore. Although like most bands, they’ve dreamed of one day playing the Madison Square Garden in NY, Lacuna Coil have kept their expectations realistic to avoid being disappointed.

When asked if they were feeling any pressure prior to the release, Biazzi responded by saying that the only pressure they’ve been receiving in the last couple of months has been normal. “After four years, people are waiting for something and you have to give them that something because it’s been such a long time,” he said. “But we spent so much time on this record, I’m really positive.”

Lacuna Coil have come a long way since their humble beginnings in Milan where Metal isn’t really predominant. Biazzi says one of the band’s mission is they hope to be able to have done something for their countryside along the way.

Though they would like to be around for as long as possible, being remembered as a band is also something the sextet hopes for. “For people like us, who really come from nothing, to already be at this point and going to a newsstand and seeing your picture everywhere, you are like ‘mission accomplished,’ already,” said Migliore. “What else could I ask other than that?”

For more information on Lacuna Coil visit www.lacunacoil.it

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