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Aaron “Hawks” Hancox

Aaron Hancox, a Concordia communications student, had not one but three films chosen for the World Film Festival of Montreal. Cin

Aaron Hancox, a Concordia communications student, had not one but three films chosen for the World Film Festival of Montreal. Cinema l’Amour, his short documentary on a famous Montreal porn theatre, won for Best Student Documentary. We sat down for a one-on-one with the filmaker to hear what he had to say on films, porn and corporate endorsements.

What is the best film you have ever seen?

Boogie Nights. Another film about porno.

What’s the worst movie you have ever seen?

Toss up between Moulin Rouge and Garden State (sorry all you emo kids, don’t hate me).

Why do you think pornography theatres are closing down?

Lots of reasons. Most of them I would say are technological. Because you can get [porn] at home, you don’t have to go to the theatre. With fewer people going to theatres, it becomes a fringe thing. People who go there become categorized as weird, business drops, and theatres then close down.

If you had to make another movie about porn, what would it be?

The portrait of a fluffer.

What is a fluffer?

A fluffer is basically an entry position in the porn industry. One of the ways they get men to stay erect all the time is that they have someone to give them oral sex when they are off camera, and just do that. That’s an actual job. So I would be interested to do a portrait of a fluffer.

Do you get laid more often because you tell people you are a filmmaker?


What’s sexy about filmmaking?

There is something about making movies that is magical. Because it compresses the most interesting events in a short period. And Cin

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