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Enchanteuse : Lily Frost

by Archives September 20, 2006

Singer, song-writer Lily Frost will put a spell on you – that is, if she hasn’t already!

Miss Frost’s enchanting allure began with her 2001 single “Who Am I” featured on the soundtracks of the film Crazy Beautiful, starring Kirsten Dunst, and TV’s popular series Charmed.

The songstress seduced many ears with her 2004 release Situation. Situation, where she showcased her own variety of Lounge Pop. It invoked the charms of crooner Julie London, hints of 30’s jazz and sultry sounds of cultures she’s absorbed from her travels around the world.

“Musical flavours from different ethnicities dress up lyrics to speak more clearly” the artist explained, describing her exotic sound. “I find French speaks for that romantic side of me, where Spanish is more passionate and fiery and English is more philosophical. My songs are like islands, each one has its own unique qualities.”

Frost conjures her charms once again, with Cin

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