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Montreal’s venues at a glance

by Archives September 13, 2006

The Metropolis is one of Montreal’s finest venues, with bragging rights to a history richer than most.

Used as a skating rink more than a hundred years ago, the venue has since housed regular and porn movie theatres, as well as a disco, before it opened in it’s current splendor in 1997.

At full seating capacity, Metropolis houses almost 1,100 concert goers over two floors, giving you any kind of concert experience you’d like.

The second floor is occupied by rows of tall tables and bar-chairs, spread over different levels so everyone has a comfortable view of the stage. Although anyone wishing to spend their evening seated at these tables normally has to arrive well in advance of the show.

The view from here, however, is not the best in the house.

Even more sought after is the downstairs table section, which provides those late comers who can’t find seats with an unobstructed view.

The main floor in front of the stage is usually without tables, and is where you find the best view and sound in the house.

And with four bars situated around the venue, you are never too far from the much needed refill that will keep you going.

The Metropolis also features the Savoy, a 200 capacity venue for smaller shows.

Upcoming shows @ the Metropolis.

19/9 Bad Religion
27/9 Underoath
28/9 Marc D

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