Orientation: It’s that time again!

The CSU is promoting the most wonderful time of the year. What’s better than cheap food and cold beer to float students’ boats? Among the break dancers and succulent burgers, some 200 students gathered at the Hall building terrace yesterday. A live DJ hyped the fresh-faced crowd who seemed nostalgic that the end of the summer had arrived.

On the other hand, the Engineering and Computer Science Association were thrilled to welcome the students back. For those brave enough to participate in their upcoming events, the ECA guarantees humiliating memories followed by one pounding headache.

This year, Concordia’s ASFA, ECA, and CASA worked in association with the CSU to provide students with a culturally diverse array of events – highlights include a Wyclef Jean concert, a belly dancing show, a performance by African dancers and ECA’s infamous DUSTED – where you’re loaded onto a bus to an unknown land to drink as much as your liver can handle.


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