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Student wins Best Documentary production award at WFF

by Archives September 5, 2006

Concordia university film and communications students were showered with honors at the Canadian student film festival, a two-week festival that closed Sept 4th.

The student film festival has recently been merged with the Montreal World Film Festival/Festival des films du monde (FFM). The student festival, now in its 37th year, has a reputation for discovering emerging Canadian talent.

Concordia students won four out of the six awards given out at the ceremony held at the complex Desjardins last Thursday.

Best documentary production went to Communications studies student Aaron Hancox for his film cinema l’amour.

“I showed up late. I was complaining about going because I had to leave work early and I was sure I was not going to win anything,” he said after he received his award.

“It was complete shock, and I’m saying that in complete sincerity.partly because the other winners were called and asked to come down to the ceremony. They didn’t have my right number so I was really surprised when my name was called at the ceremony.”

Hancox said that it was an honor to be chosen for the award because, having made frequent use of his pass during the course of the week, he saw two or three other films he judged were stronger than his own film.

“I was looking at the people going up and accepting the awards and stumbling on their words trying to find something to say and I was like: thank God I don’t have to go up there! Then they called my name and I was completely surprised. I was not even sitting down in the ceremony area, I was across the barricade, talking, and I had realized I had just lost my cell phone.”

The Kodak imaging award for best new student director was given to Concordia’s Jean Pope and Zo

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