We demand $4 billion in post-secondary education

After one of their most historic school years to date, the F

After one of their most historic school years to date, the F

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The Experience slate has set itself goals of improving student life on both of Concordia's campuses, putting Loyola as a top priority and proposing several initiatives aimed at cultivating activities on the its campus. Two other key values are freezing tuition costs and developing more student space by taking action on the long-planned Student Centre.

Concordia tells staff and students to butt out

As local bans and legislation increasingly make smoking socially unacceptable, many people are looking for ways to quit. I Quit, Concordia's group cessation program is hoping that the proposed public smoking ban will boost dismal participation rates and encourage students and staff to butt out.

What’s Up Concordia

Oct. 11 - Electroacoustics Concert, Oscar Peterson Hall, 8 p.m. http://oscar.concordia.ca - Interpretation of the Bible in Late Antiquity, H-767, http://theology.concordia.ca - The Sukkot Festival sponsored by Hillel, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m., H-building terrace Oct.

Jaywalkers: watch yourselves!

Crossing the street at a red light. Dodging cars to streak across the road. Walking anywhere on the street with a casual disregard for the white stripes of safety. It's called jaywalking, and Montreal natives are especially good at it. In fact, they're so good, they're notorious, carelessly crossing busy city streets and treating red lights as if they were merely a suggestion.