Cutting Making the Cut

Making the cut, making me gag

For those of you who don’t know what Making the Cut is, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. The series was born in the year of the lockout when Canadians had no other choice but to watch this abomination of a show, but that’s reality TV for you. It started off on CBC, but has recently jumped networks to none other than Train 48 station, Global TV.

I decided to try and sit through a whole episode on Sunday, but it was so bad that I decided to go walk my neighbour’s dog. I must say as a reality show it fulfills its requirements and then some. For example, why is Jack Birch, Director of Hockey Operations, always in a dark office. He looks mega creepy. Why the hell is he in the dark? I don’t think Canada’s national pastime should be brought to the same level as Ben Mulroney and Canadian Idol, it’s a sellout basically.

Anyways, if you want to catch next week’s episode, the boys get a break, and get to play a game of beach volleyball with a bunch of half naked chicks. You can go to and get a sneak peek. Don’t waste your legs boys. Seriously, just go look at James Birch’s picture.

Constructive sports TV

CBC has this great new spot on Hockey Night in Canada called “Think Hockey”, where Ron MacLean accompanied by a hockey expert showcases a skill or advice on how to become a better hockey player. Which is especially great for kids looking for new ways to improve. The information is also showcased on I much rather this kind of information be broadcast to the youth of Canada, instead of the “why did he just say that?” comments made by TSN’s own Pierre McGuire.

God Save the Queen!

So, Beckham. Now you are teaching Brangelina’s kid to play soccer. That’s great. Maybe you should consider teaching your ex-teammate, when you are down 2-0 to Croatia, to not go flailing your foot at the ball in your own goal area. Oh and Gary Neville needs a lesson on unwritten football rules. Don’t pass back to your keeper when he’s in his goal area. Beckham has a camp and maybe England’s entire football club should attend.

I think the worst part of that goal was that it sent me back to Marc-Andre Fleury’s goaltending disaster. A single tear.

Commercial of the week

Have you seen the World Series’ Bud Light commercials? If you go to and look at the ad titled “Locker Room”, you may have a good laugh. I fell asleep during the baseball game this weekend and woke up to that commercial, just to put it in context for you. One rule, though. You have to be 21, or capable of entering the number 85 into a box that says ‘year’.


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