Letters from the Uganda Youth MPs to the students of Concordia and to the nation of Canada

We would first like to express our sincere gratitude in the hospitality and fraternity exhibited to us by the Students of Concordia and the Canadian people in general. We are also anxiously working forward to receive you in Uganda to uphold the procured fraternity and friendship.

As the young people of Uganda, Canada and the world as a whole, we have challenges such as globalization, information and communication technologies, diseases such as AIDS and HIV, amongst many others, which requires collective responsibility. This is irrespective of our origins because we are one people, to be able to overcome those challenges and create an advanced and modern village known as the global village must be our goal.

Youth MP, Honorable Kibedi Zaake Wanume, Eastern Uganda

I would like to thank the students of Concordia University and the people of Canada for being true and legitimate friends of Africa, Uganda and northern Uganda. Thank you for the support you are rendering to our vulnerable and young people of Northern Uganda in all ways. Please continue supporting Uganda!!!

As young people, let’s realize the fact that we are leaders of today and tomorrow, we are assets and NOT liabilities, we are solutions and NOT the problems to be solved and above all we are engines for global development….

Uganda-Africa is not yearning for words but positive actions that are geared towards revamping its current economic status quo. Let actions speak louder than words.

Youth MP Obua Denis Hamson, Northern Region, Uganda.

I must confess that me and my colleagues are extremely gratified and very grateful to the people of Canada in general and the student body of Concordia University for having invited us to this historic conference.

It really shows that Canadians are a warm, heart full people and socially responsible.
To us this is unprecedented in comparison with other developed countries for it is virtually the first of its kind to invite members of parliament to a youth conference in the western world.

We are extremely happy about the hospitality and robustness of the students of Concordia University and as a Senate we pledge that we are more than ready to work with you in all aspects regarding the welfare of the global youth.

It is very good of you students of Concordia University for the role you are playing of mobilizing the youth and showing them you are role models for advocating human rights of youth concerned.

Therefore I implore you to keep the candle burning , keep it up.

Looking forward to seeing you again in Uganda, or Africa.

Youth MP Robert Kashaija, Western Regions, Uganda.


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