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Subject: Hola from Lima
Date: Friday, April 29 2005

Hola from Lima, Peru. Since my last email, I did lots in Buenos Aires. I saw Evita’s grave (number one tourist attraction in Buenos Aires!) and visited all the sites listed in the guidebooks. The port area was very interesting. All done up like SouthBank in Melbourne and Darling Harbour in Sydney but, with less people and shops. Still, it’s very modern.

So, I flew from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Lima today. I arrived safely and 30 minutes early. Lima is a really old colonial city. And what a contrast to Buenos Aires it is. Buenos Aires, as I mentioned, has a European architecture and feel to the city. It is a so-called commercialized city. It has Ripcurl, Dior and Armani shops and many, many McDonalds. It is great for shopping. Very fashionable clothes and shoes and cheap too. But since this is my first stop in my one-year trip, I can’t buy anything as I would have to carry my purchases for the rest of the year. How unfortunate. Lima, by contrast has no building higher than three stories and no McDonalds in sight.

I had lunch today in a caf


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