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by Archives October 25, 2006

The Creepshow
Sell Your Soul

Rockabilly music is always a good time, and The Creepshow brings us a ghoulish treat just in time for Halloween.

The Creepshow is a fun band from Toronto with a great lineup, including an upright bass player, a rocking female vocalist/guitarist and assorted keyboard arrangements throughout the entire album.

Not only is the album original and wacky, it is truly a treat for someone that may not ordinarily listen to this type of music. It is also incredibly satisfying for the true “horrorbilly” fan.

There is an overwhelming sense of the zombie and occult world in the subtext of the album. With songs like “Zombies Ate Her Brain” and “Creatures of the Night”, how can they go wrong? The songs are nothing but dramatic and rich sounding. The arrangements are really solid with smooth tempo transitions, one after the other.Covered in tattoos and a semi-gothic way of dressing, the band has so much style , it’s just fun.

For those not familiar with rockabilly, the music has a 50’s feel to it, but a little more punk and a little bit harder. It’s full of colour and is always a blast live. For fans and anyone looking for something new and offbeat, The Creepshow is fun for ghosts and goblins alike.


-Lindsay Wood

Lamb of God

Lamb of God comes out with their second official album with Epic, and they do not disappoint. The album, Sacrament, was released in August. The content is a little different from the usual political/religious lyrics LOG usually sticks to.

Sacrament, although a highly religious sounding title, is lyrically more of a personal record. It is still chalk full of unnecessary usage of the “F” word, which goes with the “deep” meaning of the personal lyrics. Maybe they should have stuck to politics if they couldn’t find better adjectives to describe how they feel about things.

The sound is heavy and a little messy, which seems to be what the LOG fans keep coming back for, although originality is not.

The influences for guitarist Willie Adler are clear when you listen to this CD. Hints of Megadeath and sounds of the late “Dimebag” from Pantera are in the air while the record is playing. It sounds dark and creepy with the violent screaming and guitars filling the room while this CD screams out through your speakers.

The record is classic sounding metal with a thrashing sound about it. The band has grown into their sound and clearly mastered it, being able to give metal fans what they want. Adler is one of the best guitarists in their genre of music today, bringing much life and colour to the band. The CD is different from their last, Ashes of the Wake, released in 2004, but the band has not lost their sound. The evolution of another metal band is happening, although it isn’t anything new.


– Lindsay Wood

Lindsay Robbins
Dirty Chemistry
Aquarius Records

Another Avril Lavigne. Pity is the word rolling around as another girl singer puts out an angry rock album. Whether or not Lindsay Robbins, Montreal native, is better or worse than Avril, the constant comparison will always be there. It was the first thing that came to mind as her new album Dirty Chemistry played.

With lyrics like “So you are walking on a tightrope and it’s your turn to dance, you could lose it in a heartbeat and there’s no second chance,” you have to wonder what this girl is doing dancing on tightropes in the first place. Maybe if she spends less time dancing on tightropes and more time writing lyrics that don’t rhyme in a slightly cheesy way, we would have more to talk about.

Robbins has a nice voice, it sounds a little like Fefe Dobson, and if you remember her, you’ll be likely to purchase this CD. The problem with this CD is not that it’s bad but that Robbins is a package. An angry rocker chick with ripped jeans and a little love experience, singing so meaningfully and soulfully about love like she wrote the book. Is anyone else in desperate need of something new to come out of young adult female singers? It’s not good or original, but then again, maybe you drive a lot and this is something you would like to sing to. Or you like to sing in the shower. These are the only places where Dirty Chemistry may be appropriate. Biggest beef: doesn’t even play guitar AND the lyrics ALL have co-writers. Is this all female Canadian artists have to offer to the music industry?


-Lindsay Wood

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