Stingers look to veterans for success

“We’ve got a lot to prove,” said newly appointed captain of the Concordia Stingers hockey team, fourth year blue-liner Trevor Hawkins.

At the start of last year’s hockey season, Concordia had one of the best on-paper rosters in the league. Between injuries, and a general lack of gelling, the team never really hit their stride until late in the season. This year, things will be a lot different.

Almost all the big-name players from seasons past have gone on to greener pastures. Captain Joey D’Amico, along with Yannick Noiseux, Sebastien Corbeil, Derek Legault, Phil Lacasse, Vince Duriau, Karl Gagne, Bruno Champagne, Bruno D’Amico, Fred Faucher, Anthony Bilotto, and Jonathan Gautier have all moved on.

Taking the reins this season will be Hawkins, and alternates Ron Smith, Trevor Blanchard, and Sebastien Courcelles. With almost the entire offence gone from last season (one line remains intact), head coach Kevin Figsby really has his work cut out for him. Also returning this year are starting goaltender Pat Lepage, defencemen Dave Coughlin, Phil Seguin, and Justin Ciampini, and forwards Simon-Pierre Sauv


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