The Hive: decrepit Loyola space still has no plans

Ever wondered what happened to the Hive? Do you even know what the Hive is? Who would have guessed that, 30 years ago, Loyola was “the place” to be every Thursday night?

The Hive, now closed, used to be jamming back in the 70’s. According to urban legend, famous artists like Mike Myers and K.C. and the Sunshine Band drew hundreds of students.

Today, the NDG campus offers limited student space and a non-existent student life. The G-Lounge, run by the Inter-Fraternal Council, is the only central location students can get together to socialize.

Spurred by the sight of abandoned useful space, The Concordian decided to launch an investigation into the issue. This week, we illustrate this by highlighting the current situation of the long-defunct Hive. Next week, we’ll follow up on the future of a downtown student center.

Last March, the current executives of Concordia’s Student Union (CSU), campaigning for election, made a promise to reopen the Hive. The lounge space on the second floor of the Loyola library building officially closed down in 2002. If things seem a little quiet on that front, it’s because, as CSU President Khaleed Juma explains, things get complicated.

“Right now, it’s in pretty pathetic condition. It’s useable, but the facilities, such as the kitchen, are not up to standard. There is water damage, it needs an electrical job, a paint job and a clean-up,” said Juma. He estimated the cost of renovation at $600,000.

The administration recently offered half that amount, but Juma said that’s not enough. His goal is to reopen the Hive as a fully functional gym/caf


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