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Oct. 18 – CO-OP caf

Oct. 18

– CO-OP caf

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A look at Montreal’s vital signs

Montreal's crime rate is on the decline, according to an annual report on the quality of life in the city released last Tuesday. The report published by the Foundation of Greater Montreal also found that spousal abuse has been on the decline since 2001. Hate crimes are also lower than the national average, at 2.


One of the reasons it's important to preserve our environment is so our children can enjoy the same things we have. As we cut back and maximize our resources efficiently, the role we play in educating our young people becomes important. Just how much about ecological footprints do our youth understand? Jessica and Melissa attend high school at Queen of Angels Academy in Dorval.

New bylaw could force businesses downtown to clean up

Downtown residents and store owners could soon be held responsible for the cleanliness of sidewalks in front of their houses and businesses. The Ville-Marie city council has proposed a bylaw that would allow inspectors to fine citizens who do not keep the front of their property clean.