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A symbol of unity and pride

by Archives November 22, 2006

A poppy, it is a simple symbol of pride, nationality and above all remembrance. We wear them in order to commemorate those who gave the ultimate sacrifice of their lives in order for future generations to live in a country that is free and not war-torn.

However, the wearing of a poppy is also to show your support for those who are overseas fighting right now for Canada.

Best of all, not only can somebody wear this small red flower on their lapel and show their support of history’s heroes as well as present ones, but they can do so for a minimal donation.

This past month or so, since the annual Remembrance Day campaign started, I have seen few people sporting the proud flower. I asked myself why.

At first I told myself to wait a while, people still had time to show their support. However, the week before Nov. 11, I noticed that still few people were sporting a poppy.

I don’t understand this. Why would you not want to show that you remember the sacrifices made by others?

Some might answer something about being French and Qu

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