Election promise accountability lacking at CSU

Two weeks ago, CSU President Khaleed Juma spoke to the Concordian over the latest issues regarding the Hive, the Loyola Campus’ non-operational bar above the Vanier Library. He said the cost of renovation for the space would cost approximately $600,000 because it needs to be cleaned-up and painted, and its general facilities “aren’t up to standard.”

In September 2005, then CSU President Mohamed Shuriye said plans to renovate the Hive would cost $100,000. Now what strikes me as odd is not the $500,000 difference in estimation costs, but that both these presidents were elected on a platform that stated that their elected executive would revamp the Hive. In reality, both Evolution and Experience have done little to nothing in their efforts to restore the space.

On March 23rd of this year, Juma publicly addressed his commitment to the Hive during the second CSU election debate held at the Hall Building. At the debate, all candidates said Loyola’s services should be at the same level to those offered downtown. However, Juma and the Experience slate took their pledge one step further. They said that if elected, Experience would promise to build a sports bar that would also serve as a student-run caf


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