Glorious Jabberwocky

Martha Hall Findlay will not be the next prime minister of Canada. She won’t even be elected the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. Odds are, you don’t even know who Findlay is, despite the fact that Hall Findlay was the first person to officially announce her campaign for the top spot after Paul Martin announced his resignation as leader of the federal Liberals.

In many respects, this race was open for the taking. With big names like Alan Rock, Frank Mckenna, Sheila Copps, John Manley, Martin Cauchon and Brian Tobin having declared their disinterest in the position (the unspoken reason being that the Liberal Party is a wounded ship and sinking fast).

The absence of these six potential candidates essentially means that at next week’s Liberal leadership convention, members of the Liberal Party will choose from the b-list of political stars. The race includes candidates who are lawyers, academics, businesspeople and former hockey players.

Findlay, a lawyer by trade, is one of eight remaining candidates who decided to step into the vacuum left by Paul Martin. The other candidates are Scott Bryson, St

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