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Sand dune jumping is the coolest, right Paul?

by Archives November 8, 2006

Yeah for Paul Tracy

For those of you you who are unfamiliar with Paul Tracy, he is a Scarborough, Ont. native who has made it big in the worl of Champ Car racing. However, his latest cause for being in the headlines was not victorious to say the least.

According to the Toronto Star, on Oct. 28, Tracy went for a golf cart joyride after endulging in a few cocktails and with that brilliant combination in hand, he and some friends flipped the vehicle while trying to jump a sand dune. This resulted in a broken right shoulder blade. Tracy will miss Sunday’s Champ Car finale in Mexico City, because of this alcohol induced stunt.

Now I do not applaud Tracy’s jackass behaviour, however, I do commend his honesty. Most athletes would hide with their tails between their legs so to spak and wait for their publisists to do the dirty work.

Oh wait. Everything I just said indicating praise, I take it back. Tracy just put out a press release stating that the whole situation has gotten out of hand. Another funny change in the story is how the vehicle used in his shenanigans, went from a golf cart to an ATV owned by Paul Tracy. Mysterious, isn’t it. That begs the question, was the golf cart stolen Mr. Tracy? Are you full of crap Mr. Tracy? Or did the media get it wrong?

Neil Micklewright, VP of Team Operations for Forsythe Champioship Racing, stepped up and said we need to give Tracy some time and at the same time noted that their full attention needed to be with David Martinez and Buddy Rice, who make their Champ Car debut this weekend. David Martinez will be taking over Tracy’s #3 in Mexico. How convenient.

In local news

Chris Higgins of the Canadiens will miss six weeks after MRI results show a partially torn ankle ligament. In other news, two Alouettes arrested, yet to be identified, are both facing charges of obstructing justice and one is facing an assault charge. All this after a possible traffic violation that occurred Monday night, while both men were in an automobile with windows that were slightly too tinted. All I have to say is “Oh Snap!”

Commercial of the week

Not so much commercial of the week, but a clip from YouTube which brings sports to a new level. The clip is entitled 25th Annual Sample Gum Chew-off

(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgdWZSb7edg). Beware, if you are sickened by saliva or 70’s tracksuits, you may not be inclined to tune in.

Cheerleaders welcome at Big O

Hallelujah! The Argonauts’ cheerleaders are allowed on the field. Thank God! Because if they weren’t I mean what’s the point of even watching the game. Really, what is the CFL known for if it isn’t for their cheerleaders. They go together like John Daly and Jack Daniels or like John Daly and divorces. Let’s all be nice to the Argos and Alouettes spirit squads this coming Sunday, because it’s no fun sitting on the sidelines.

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