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Saving Darfur, one beer at a time

by Archives November 8, 2006

“Music and Light on Darfur” took off Monday night with fun, upbeat live music in an event organized to bring the troubled region in Sudan back to people’s attention.

Hillel Concordia collaborated with the African Students Association and others to bring Jewish indie rock band Ma’agal to Reggie’s Bar.

Beers were going for $4 a pint, $1 of which was set aside to be donated to Darfur. But that won’t be enough.

“What it will take,” said Julien Morency-La Flamme, from Students Take Action Now for Darfur (STAND), “is some experienced Blue Helmets, Canadians for example.”

Adam Margulies, President of Hillel Concordia, agreed, but he said he is concerned that apathy is slowly defeating what little pressure ever managed to build up on the Canadian government to take Darfur seriously.

“The turnout for the international Darfur rallies on Sept. 17 was poor already,” he said, “and now people are just forgetting and moving on, but the problem hasn’t gone away, on the contrary, it’s going to get worse.”

No one is sure how many people have died since the conflict began, but UN estimates put the number at roughly 200,000 – about twenty times the total student population of Concordia University.

The African Union force, holding a fragile peace for now, is in over its head. By December they’ll be gone.

Margulies agrees with comments made by Senator Romeo Dallaire at Concordia in September that sovereignty is no longer an excuse for inaction.

“It’s Sudan’s own government that’s preventing peacekeepers from going in,” he said, exasperated. He feels it’s important for people in Montreal to wake up on this issue.

“Awareness needs to be raised in Montreal. People who aren’t here tonight should get informed, and they mustn’t think they can’t do anything. There’s power in numbers. People just lack confidence.”

Morency-LaFlamme backed him up, adding that “people can organize any event and dedicate it to Darfur.”

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