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Tuesday Night: A time for… Celebration!

by Archives November 1, 2006

What to do on a Tuesday night? Among the few possibilities that may cross your mind, the least likely would probably be a night on the town.

If you are one of those people who love to party on a Tuesday night, Brutopia may have something of interest for you.

Every Tuesday night at the Crescent Street pub a comedy show is hosted by Tim Rabnett and Mike Paterson.

Tuesday Night Out with the Dan-D-Lyons showcases alternative forms of comedy. The weekly show, which has been running for a month , is mainly comprised of musical skits and sketch comedy.

Many different acts take the stage, but the main performers are Rabnett and Paterson. Onstage, they play characters (Tim Danderson and Michael Lyons) who have come from Wichita to make it big in the most exciting music scene in North America: Montreal.

The dynamic pair (The Dan-D-Lyons) need to win over the city within six months; that’s when their cash runs out. If they don’t make it in Montreal, it’s back to their bowling-alley day jobs in their home state.

Rabnett and Paterson use these characters to create a background for their songs. A simple narrative unfolds throughout the show, giving the audience some insight into the ambitions of the na’ve characters.

Tim Rabnett, originally from Toronto, plays the guitar; while Mike Paterson, from Montreal, taps away on his keyboard. Both share the duty of belting out lead vocals.

The musical comedy duo’s sound is a combination of Bowser and Blue and Tenacious D, but for nerds. If you think Tenacious D is already pretty geeky, then you get an idea of what the Dan-D-Lyons sound like.

If you are a fan of music-based comedy and reruns of Transformers, then you will definitely enjoy this show. Overall it was a good time, but if you are inclined to check it out, bring a friend or two. Like drinking, comedy just isn’t the same when flying solo.

Tuesday Night Out with the Dan-D-Lyons is every Tuesday at Brutopia 1215 Crescent st.

Show starts around 8:30p.m.

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