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…well I already have my two front teeth, but with the holidays fast approaching, and every Concordia team, including The Concordian, taking a breather, I’ve decided, in the spirit of the holidays, to share my Holiday wish-list with you.

Equity in sports

This has been something that I have cared about for a while, and while it seems to be improving, there are still many issues. Basically, I don’t care if you are male or female, black or white, or where you came from. All athletes deserve the same treatment. I understand that women’s sports don’t get the same attention and audience that men’s sports do, but how do you get that to change when you can’t find equal treatment in the media, which, after all is supposed to be treating everything without bias.

An explanation to how the New York Islanders are leading their division

Now, this one will most likely be the least expensive one, but it just doesn’t make any sense. This is a team whose biggest off-season moves included hiring a competent GM (Neil Smith), firing him before the team played a game and hiring their BACKUP GOALTENDER (Garth Snow) to replace him. What was one of Snow’s first moves? Oh, just signing starting goaltender Rick Dipietro to a FIFTEEN-year contract. So I ask again. How are they leading the Atlantic division as of Tuesday? Some things just don’t make sense. but now that Concordia’s backup goaltender being named equipment manager in the CFL, and Snow being named GM, maybe David Aebischer can take care of my taxes.

A change to the BS-CS

Now, I haven’t really been a U.S. College football fan for long, but I have followed the BCS debate for a while. How a team who hasn’t played for three weeks (Michigan) can be passed by not one, but two teams in that span just doesn’t make much sense. I’m not arguing that they should be a rematch between Michigan and Ohio State for the National Championship, but it just says something when Urban Meyer, the head coach of the Florida Gators (who benefited from this “system”) still thinks a change should be made.

I think they eventually made the right decision this year, but the fact that there is some controversy (and doesn’t there seem to be some every year) means that it should be settled on the field.

I say you take the best eight teams, and have them play in a playoff. The NFL does it, Canadian University football does it, why does the NCAA need fancy computers making decisions? They say the games aren’t played on paper. the matchups shouldn’t be made on a computer either.

Canadiens playoff tickets

I don’t feel like going on eBay again and paying an arm and a leg in order to attend a game, so if the Habs can please make the playoffs so I can use my 10-game package for playoff ticket priority it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Love, Jared.

Canadiens Stanley Cup win

I know you probably think I’m some crazy idiot who thinks that putting it on my wish-list will make it happen. To that I say, you’re right. you’re absolutely right.

Good second halves from all Concordia teams

Well, now that all Concordia teams have wins under their belts going into the break, I think it would be fair to ask for a playoff appearance from all teams, and maybe even a hint of a National Championship appearance? I mean that will make my job a lot easier, and I think the teams will enjoy it too. Also, I can’t wait for the annual post-holiday tournaments, both the Reebok Invitational for the women’s basketball team and the Theresa Humes tournament, the anniversary of when I started covering the Stingers women’s hockey team. It is a showcase of the best Canada has to offer, and every Stinger fan and student should take it all in.

It should be a great second half of the year for Concordia sports and I hope a record number of students take it all in.

A Stingers jersey

This one has been on my list for a while. I mean, I have a Habs jersey, and I have an Alouettes jersey but a Stingers jersey would be fantastic. I wouldn’t wear it to games I’m covering (I am supposed to be objective, after all), but I think it would make a nice addition to my closet and wardrobe. Just don’t tell my girlfriend I said that.

Alright, there you have it. Please send all gifts to me at The Concordian, or by e-mail at [email protected]. And, if my co-editor-turned-foreign correspondent Cari McGratten can send me a box or three of Belgian chocolates, that’d be grand.

Have a happy and safe holidays, and I’ll see all of you again in January.

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